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Offline Marketing Strategies

Are an important ingredient of your local story…

If you’re working in a local vicinity then offline marketing strategies can really reap benefits. Whether it’s a series of adverts in a local magazine, a beautifully designed poster or a wrapped vehicle promoting your services, all activities will build your brand which will become the foundation for all other marketing activities.

We will help you develop this brand, that is highly targeted to the needs of your customers and help you produce the right collateral to convey the message to your audience.

Different types of local business will be able to utilise different ideas, if you have premises a campaign to take photos of happy clients might work on a display wall. If you live out of a van then leave behind merchandise would benefit you well.

We can help you come up with the right material to boost your brand, design it and get it produced for you.

JK Physio
A review for JCK Marketing's design work
Offline Marketing Strategies
Written by: Joanne Kingston,
Date Published: 11/11/2015
JCK Marketing have supported my business for many years now. With their help I have rebranded and produced some fantastic promotional material. As my skills are in the treatment of clients, rather than understanding how to get more of them I fully appreciate the time they take to help my business grow.
5 / 5 stars

Joanne Kingston, Physiotherapist JK Physio


Some of the tools we might use
to help tell your story

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