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Responsive Website Design Explained

These days there is a solution to ‘one size fits all’…

Firstly let’s confirm that a responsive website design is the search engines favourite…so it will be a big tick in the box for them. However, in our opinion the most important factor in the equation is the person that is actually viewing your website. With so many options these days, you have no idea what device they might use to get information about you.

If you’re a local cafe as an example, your next customer might be a street away from you searching on a mobile where he can get a decent cup of coffee. The scenarios are endless… your job is to make sure that your information can be viewed at any time, on any device.

Step up responsive websites, they do exactly what they say on the tin and will automatically adapt the content of a website to the screen size that is viewing it, so the perfect solution to the growing mobile market.

Website displayed on different size devices

Some of the tools we might use
to help tell your story

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